Automate your pricing strategy

Updating your ticket prices doesn't have to be a chore. FanLyst's auto pricing tools remove the hassle of updating ticket prices manually

Recurring adjustments

Sit back and let our platform do the work. Recurring price adjustments let you tweak your prices on a daily basis without having to log in.

  • Flexible strategies

    Increase or decrease your ticket prices by either a percentage or by a dollar amount. Choose the strategy that works best for your tickets.

  • Price minimum

    Choose a price minimum so that your automated price changes never drop your ticket prices lower than you are comfortable selling at.

  • Predictable schedule

    Price adjustments occur 7 days a week, each morning at 8AM until the game starts, the tickets sell or are deactivated, or you remove the automation.

Automatically adjust your prices

One-time updates

Know the date you want to change your ticket prices? Schedule a one-time price change to set your tickets to the price you want, on the date you want.

  • Precision pricing

    Know the value of your tickets? Set your ticket prices to exactly what you want, down to the penny.

  • Simple calendar

    Select the date you want to price change to take effect. All price changes occur on the selected date at

Set a specific price on a date

Frequently asked questions

What is auto pricing?

Auto pricing allows you to make schedule, automatic price changes without having to log in to the dashboard.

Can I set a price minimum?

Absolutely. You can set a unique price minimum on any listing to make sure your ticket prices are never auto-adjusted below a price you are comfortable with.

What types of automatic price changes can I schedule ?

You can schedule a one-time price change on a specific date or choose to schedule repeating changes. You can customize repeating adjustment amounts. All repeating price changes occur at 8:00AM everyday.

How can I schedule an automatic price change to my tickets?

A price change can be scheduled either at the time of listing or anytime after listing by clicking the Edit button for a particular listing.

Can I turn off auto-pricing once I have added it to a listing?

If you wish to remove an upcoming price change, just select the "Disabled" option from the auto-pricing options. Repeating price changes will automatically stop when tickets are sold or when the listing has moved outside adjustment window.

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