Manage you tickets with auto-pricing

Updating your ticket prices doesn't have to be a chore. Now you can schedule price changes for a future date, setup repeating price changes, and even auto-adjust prices relative to changing market conditions.

How it works

Apply one or more price changes to any active listing to enjoy the daily benefits of price automation. Select your ideal strategy from six different options. These options include adjusting your prices by a fixed dollar amount or percentage, setting current minimum or median market prices, as well as adjusting above or below current market prices.

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Check out our most common questions related to auto-pricing below. Still have questions on how auto-pricing works? Get in touch with us!

What is auto pricing?

Auto pricing allows you to make schedule, automatic price updates without having to log in to the dashboard.

What is a price change?

A price change is a single, scheduled price adjustment. Price changes consist of a pricing strategy and schedule. The strategy determines what kind of change should be made and the schedule determines when the change should be automatically applied.

How do I add a price change?

A price change can be added to any active listing. Click the calendar icon next to ticket prices to manage the price changes for that listing.

What pricing strategies can I use?

FanLyst offers two pricing strategies: custom and market. Using a custom price strategy means that you set a fixed amount or percentage by which ticket prices go up or down. Market strategies rely on current market conditions to set the price of your tickets. Set to exactly the market minimum or market median as well as adjusting just above or below either market value.

Where do FanLyst market prices come from?

FanLyst relies on the biggest ticket resellers to price your tickets accurately.

What scheduling options are available?

Choose to schedule a one-time price change on a specific date or choose to repeat a price change every day. You can customize when repeating price changes start and end, and all price changes occur at 8:00AM on the chosen dates.

Can I turn off auto-pricing once I have added it to a listing?

If you wish to remove an upcoming price change, just click the remove button on the price change. Repeating price changes will automatically stop when tickets are sold or when the listing has moved outside adjustment window.

Can I set a price minimum?

Absolutely. No matter what price strategy you chose, you can set a unique price minimum on any listing to make sure your ticket prices are never auto-adjusted below the price you are comfortable with.

How much does it cost?

Using auto pricing is completely free to all users!

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