Frequently Asked Questions

Professional brokers know that listing tickets on all major online marketplaces increases exposure and sells tickets faster and for higher prices. If the professionals are listing everywhere, shouldn’t you?

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Are there other companies like FanLyst?

No. FanLyst is the only site giving individual fans the power to list and manage their tickets on over 10 of the biggest online ticket sites.

How much does it cost to list my tickets on FanLyst?

Listing your tickets with FanLyst is FREE. When your tickets sell on one of our partner sites, you will be charged only 10% of the sale total. There are absolutely no added on service fees or charges. Why would you list to only 1 site for 10% when you can list to over 10 of the largest ticket sites for nothing more? With FanLyst, reach millions more for not a penny more!

Can I list my tickets through FanLyst and elsewhere at the same time?

No. By listing your tickets on FanLyst, you agree that you are not listing or otherwise making your tickets available for purchase anywhere else. This is to avoid double selling the same ticket. Plus, since FanLyst lists your tickets on all major online marketplaces for you, there is no reason to list them anywhere else.If you want to use your tickets or sell them to someone yourself, you must first remove your listing on FanLyst.

How do I send FanLyst my tickets when I list them on your site?

We accept PDF tickets that you uploaded when you list. When your tickets sell, we deliver them to the buyer for you.

Why wouldn't I just list my tickets on StubHub?

Listing your tickets to StubHub allows you to reach only the buyers who shop for tickets on that site. With an ever-growing number of ticket sites, FanLyst guarantees that you’ll reach millions more buyers by listing to all of our 10+ partner sites than listing on StubHub.

I don’t see my tickets on some of the partner sites. Why not?

Rest assured that once you list, your tickets are listed on all of our 10+ partner sites. However, some sites apply markups to your ticket price so the price you will see on the site for your ticket will be more than what you listed it for. Similarly, some sites apply a savings to decrease the ticket price to make it more attractive to the buyer; these sites do this by taking a lesser percentage from the seller (you) and passing that savings to the buyer. It’s because of these price manipulations that listing to multiple sites is so important in order to reach as many buyers and sell your tickets as fast as possible. REST ASSURED that you will always be paid based on the price that you list your ticket through FanLyst.

ALWAYS search for your tickets on our partner sites by your tickets’ section, row and seat numbers, not by your list price.

What happens when my tickets sell?

You will receive an email confirming that your tickets sold and that the tickets have moved to a “Payment Pending” status in your dashboard. You will be paid via PayPal within 5 business days of your sale.

I don’t see my tickets listed on your partner marketplaces, where can I find them?

Listing your tickets for sale on FanLyst is simple, but locating your listings on our partner marketplaces can be confusing. Most of our partner marketplaces retain the right to control prices for tickets listed on their sites which we refer to as “Price Engineering”. This control results in the buyer seeing a purchase price that may be different than your list price. So, even though your tickets are listed and available for purchase, Price Engineering will adjust your price and make it difficult for you to locate your tickets.

Why do marketplaces use Price Engineering?

There are a variety of reasons marketplaces adjust your list price. The most straightforward reason is that some marketplaces prefer to add their buyer’s fees “upfront”, so there are no surprise fees to their buyer during checkout. Other marketplaces will discount your list price to entice buyers to shop on their site instead of their competitor’s site.

Does Price Engineering affect my payout?

No. FanLyst guarantees that you will be paid based upon your list price, not the marketplaces’ list price.

Which marketplaces use Price Engineering?

Most, but not all, of our partner marketplaces adjust prices, including Vivid Seats.

Is there any way to verify my tickets are actively listed?

Yes. StubHub does not adjust prices so it is a great place to start. If you wish to verify with another site, try one, we recommend for you to first search for your tickets by section and row. If any tickets are priced within 10% of your list price, and are in the same section and row, they are most likely your tickets.

There are no tickets listed in my section or row, what should I do?

If you are certain there are no tickets listed in your section or row, contact us and we will verify your listing for you. On rare occasions, there can be technical issues with FanLyst or our partner marketplaces which could temporarily impact your listing.

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