Why FanLyst?

Tired of Selling The Old Way?

  • Only reaching a fraction of potential buyers
  • Having to constantly decrease your ticket price as the event nears
  • Selling your ticket so cheap that you're basically paying for someone else to go
  • Not selling your tickets at all and eating your costs

FanLyst Helps You Sell Your Tickets Faster Than Anywhere Else By:

  • Instantly listing your tickets to over 10+ of the largest ticket resale sites
  • Reaching millions more buyers than listing to any 1 site
  • Selling faster than ever before for the highest possible price

Fanlyst Statistics


Instantly reach over 90% of buyers everywhere


Reach millions more buyers in less time than listing to any other single site


More likely to sell your tickets

Much Less

likely to have to decrease your price.

Get More

for your tickets

Providing the best fans with the best ticket selling technology.

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